About us

Sense & Grow™ toys and games are amazing because they do two things.

First, they stimulate a child’s senses. That stimulation all goes on inside the brain and is closely related to other skills that your child needs to grow into a fully functional adult. Second, they help to relax, focus and calm down to a particular scenario or event. It helps them graspthings with decreased fear and discomfort and enables them to play naturally. Sensory toys for kids help them develop social learning skills like planning, negotiating, and sharing. Why not have your child play and have fun while receiving these benefits! In addition to being fun and interesting for babies and young children, encourage children to explore and investigate.
Other reasons sensory play is beneficial for children include:

Helps to build nerve connections in the brain. It encourages the devel-opment of motor skills.

Each item in this line has be strategically thought out and planned to have some extra element of texture, sound or sight benefits. Also will keep your child busy for hours and promote independent play!