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Sensory Slime Bin, Sea Life




Includes: Slime, 6 Sea Figures, 2 Dig Tools and Reusable Storage Bin
Size: 11” w x 6.25” h x 6” d
How to Enjoy!

Slime play promotes physical development and important motor skills. Large muscles develop as kids dig, pour, sift, scoop, and clean up spills. Small muscle control improves as kids learn to manipulate slime accessories.

  • Wash your hands before starting and place a disposable tablecloth underneath the bin for easy cleanup.
  • Ask an adult for help emptying the slime into the bin.
  • Use your imagination and your figurines to take your little sea animals on an ocean adventure.
  • Identify your new sea friends and try naming them as well!
  • Find small objects around the house that you could bury in the slime. Play the ultimate game of hide and seek as you dig through the slime to find your buried treasures.
  • Close your eyes and use your sense of touch to identify your buried items without seeing them. Notice how when one sense is ‘turned off’, the other ones improve and work better.


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